Someone you know has sent you this notice in hopes that you may also find it in your heart to give a blessing to this charitable campaign called Compassion for Humanity Int’l Group Inc. A non-­profit foundation dedicated to spreading hope and improvement in the lives of the many children in need. As the person who sent you this had done the same, please take the time to share in the joy and passion of assisting our cause.

Proverbs 19:17 “Whoever gives to the poor you are lending to the lord and he will repay you in abundance”.
Timothy 6:18 “Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds and to be generous and willing to share”.

By these words our team, CHIGI serves.

With CHIGI w​e strive to assist in bringing relief to the millions of homeless children in the Philippines who desperately need our help. We hope to achieve this by spreading awareness to people who can take notice in this extremely urgent matter. It all starts with the power of giving. Every person has the ability to give to each other; whether it be financially, spreading the word, or through your prayers. Many have said such a feat is impossible, but we believe otherwise. Sometimes all it takes is one person with a big heart, to make an even bigger change.

We are running the Served Campaign t​o obtain our goal of beginning to build an orphanage for the homeless children of Cebu City, Philippines by January 22nd, 2016.​ There is an estimated 1.5 MILLION abandoned children in the Philippines. Unfortunately there are limited programs and assistance to aid in the housing or protection of these children. Due to their circumstance many of these children experience gang violence, human trafficking, police brutality, drug abuse, rape and are forced to a life of crime to survive. Our team has personally witnessed children as young as 9 years old living on the streets of the Philippines. These children are hungry, barely clothed and have nowhere to go. Through this campaign we are striving to change that for them. We strive to provide a secure, safe environment by building the orphanage in Cebu City, Philippines. This is one of many cities CHIGI plans to incorporate change into with the blessings given to us from people such as yourself. We can only do so if you choose to offer that help.

We have looked into the faces of these children. We have seen the devastation abandonment causes to their lives. It is no small obstacle, and is not easily solved. We cannot turn away these children and stand idle while they go without. They have never known a gentle hand, a caring heart or have experienced a childhood we ourselves have. As you sit in the comfort of your home reading this letter, please take a moment to picture these starving, lost and abused children fighting to wake up tomorrow. See that they need us and they need you. Tonight they lay sleeping under bridges, in the dirt, or on a cold sidewalk dreaming of a better tomorrow. Our team at CHIGI wants to make that dream a reality.

So we ask for a blessing of donation to help achieve our goal. Every dollar goes to our orphanage campaign and our other campaigns linked to our website at ​If you cannot donate there are many other ways you can help us. By simply sharing our website and our Facebook Page, also named Compassion for Humanity Int’l Group Inc.,​you can spread awareness to other people who may be able to donate with us. We pray that you trust us to provide a safe healthy environment for these children. If you find it in your heart to participate in this campaign we would ask three things:

  1. To make a donation to the website
  2. Please copy and publish our served logo to your profile picture to let your friends and family know you joined and so can they, the logo is located at the headings of this post and at our Facebook page:​Compassion for Humanity Int’l Group Inc.​
  3. Please don’t let our campaign end with you. To keep this campaign moving forward to reaching its goal, please forward this email to your contacts. Then you have served this campaign. Watch Facebook and your friend’s and family’s profile to see who has also helped us reach our goal.

We at CHIGI thank you for your time and pray you will be a donor to our campaign to change lives.





To share a blessing please refer to our website


 “No person was ever honored for what he received. He was honored for what he gave.”–Calvin Coolidge



“Give others all that is alive in us—our interest, understanding, our knowledge, our humor, everything in us that’s good. In doing so, we enhance the sense of aliveness in others while enhancing our own. When we give, we get a “heightened vitality” of what it means to be human.” –Erich Fromm

The art of giving starts primarily by knowing yourself. What’s your purpose? A lot of people gives but does not understand why they are doing it. While others do it because they want to be praised for what they have done. The art of giving is mastered once you find it in you the reason why you are helping. It becomes a part of you that even without a picture for proof you give because it is innate that you give, and that will make you human.

Now let me tell you about an organization where I found myself being part of what they do because I believe that this is where I belong.

The organization is called Compassion for Humanity Int’l Group Inc., a non-profit organization that is working towards community development and empowerment by tirelessly encouraging communities to identify areas where we can make the most impact in alleviating poverty in the region. We are geared toward providing sustainable livelihood and entrepreneurial programs, skills development for young people and out of school youth and assisting in social work in isolated areas. An organization that focuses mainly on communities, it’s members, and the intangible factors that makes them as they are.

The charitable acts and giving started since January 2015. When the founder of the organization, Paul Spaller visit the Philippines for a personal reason, Paul together with wife Tootsie Spaller found out that a lot of people in the Philippines needs help. Esp. when he’s on his way to grocery stores or to the church he can see homeless families along the streets. He can see  how difficult it is for them since he was once like them. So he started feeding them and thought of doing it every month until finally he thought that there must be something more than just giving them food. Until May 2015 he started gathering volunteers who shares the same mission as him which is supporting poorer communities and make their lives worthwhile. On August 2015, the organization became an established and legally registered to operate as a non profit organization. Up to the present time, the giving continued with the help of generous individuals. There will be times that the organization would not have the sufficient funding for its prepared programs but compassionate as we are. The organization’s members, including me, did not mind shelling out our own pocket just to be able to make the programs happen. And now the organization continues to seek for sponsors and donors who also shares the same compassion as we are which is to make lives of the less fortunate becomes lighter by aiding support on programs that will solve there problems seeking for long term solutions. People who have well known and discovered ourselves and continues to show the art of giving.

Be with us. Become a hero. Lend a hand and discover the art of giving.


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